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LEGO Community

Today at about ~3 Billion Dollars p.a. sales, the LEGO Group is the third largest toy manufacturer on this planet;

1. Mattel
2. Hasbro
3. T he LEGO Group
4. Bandai-Namco
5. TOMY-Takara

The LEGO group provides the people of the world with a construction system that unleashes the creative potential of all. On average, every person on earth owns 75 LEGO bricks and bricks are on sale in more than 130 countries. Consider for a moment that the LEGO Club has over 4 million members worldwide and is by far the largest children organization the world has ever had.

Adult fans of LEGO

However did you know that grown-ups also build with LEGO bricks? Around 5% of the LEGO sales goes to a large and loyal group, called AFOLs” – ”Adult Fans of LEGO”. Many of these fans meet in clubs, where they plan large exhibitions in order for the fans to show their creations.

” The LEGO Group  A short presentation 2011″ has this to say about adult fans;

A growing number of adult LEGO enthusiasts have been setting up groups (LEGO User Groups - LUGs) in which to share their LEGO hobby. They call themselves “AFOLs” (“Adult Fans of LEGO”). Over a period of years, the LEGO Group has actively developed relations with more than 70 “AFOL” groups with a total of 70,000 registered members. The groups have their own websites, blogs and discussion foras. The most popular LEGO fan blogs have more than 150,000 unique visitors each month. LEGO fans are also very active at YouTube where more than 550,000 LEGO tagged videos are to be found. At Flickr more than one million LEGO tagged images are to be found. In 2010 more than 170 public events were organized by LEGO fans, and more than 2.6 million people (typically families with children) visited these events. During 2010, the LEGO Group and LEGO User Groups collaborated on 80 projects – from events to development projects.

With great power comes great responsibility

With its appeal and interdenominational, international and intergenerational reach come a great responsibility for company’s management and for Adult fans to remain faithful to the  motto “det bedste er ikke for godt” (only the best is good enough) and ensue that we provide the best for children. The members of ASD Aid take this stewardship literally and have stepped forward to help the children impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders.


 Fun LEGO Facts

-        LEGO® products are on sale in more than 130 countries.

-        The LEGO Club has over four million members worldwide.

-         On average, every person on earth owns 75 LEGO bricks.

-        With a production of over 381 million tyres in 2010, the LEGO Group is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers.

-        More than seven LEGO sets are sold each second. During the Christmas season (weeks 49-51) almost 28 sets are sold each second.

-        In 2010 the 1×2 brick was the LEGO element produced in the largest numbers. A total of 908,949,651 1×2 bricks in various colours were moulded.