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Nov 30

LEGO Road Train Build

Over 3000 people attend ASD Aids LEGO Road Train Build and learn about benefits of LEGO for ASD kids

Nov 08

Fischer Plastic Products join ASD Aid as a major sponsor

ASD Aid is very pleased to announce Fischer Plastic Products has joined ASD Aid as a major sponsor.

Nov 08

Melbourne LEGO Trailer Build - 19th & 20 Nov 2011

Join hundreds of LEGO Fans in an attempt to build a large scale moving LEGO road train, and learn about the benefits of LEGO Therapy for kids with ASD

Aug 06

What are you doing? - Film About Autism

What are you doing? - Film Trailer     “What are you doing?” is a short film, created by Autism Awareness, which aims to teach school aged children about acceptance and understanding of their peers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).